Kristaps Porzingis disputed a recent assertion from Mark Cuban that he and Luka Doncic may have issues off the court.

"I've never had any problems with my teammates off the court," said Porzingis. "I've always gotten along very well with them. I don't know what Cuban was talking about. I try to be as professional as possible, do what I have to do and be a soldier for the team."

Cuban referred to "dust-ups" between Porzingis and Doncic in an interview last month. Cuban compared the relationship to Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry.

"On the court they are fine,'' Cuban said in a 105.3 The Fan visit on "K&C Masterpiece.'' "That's not to say their aren't dust-ups, because there are. I'd compare it to Jet and Dirk.

“(Nowitzki and Terry) weren’t best friends at the beginning, but they grew to like each other and grew to be great friends and that’s just part of the process when you’ve got young kids who are growing up," Cuban said. “It took forever before Dirk and Jet did anything off the court together. A long time.''