USA Basketball is not counting on having any players participate in the Olympics from teams who reach The Finals. The opening ceremony for the Olympics is on July 23rd while a potential Game 7 of The Finals is on July 22nd.

Players who participate in the Conference Finals and are eliminated may also have too short of a runway to join the United States in the Olympics.

Even from the player pool who are not participating in the playoffs, there haven't been any firm commitments. Stephen Curry and Draymond Green are undecided, while Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan and Jarrett Allen are free agents.

Jerry Colangelo has yet to reach out to Curry and Zion Williamson to gauge their interest in playing. Commitments from those two players would likely help encourage others to join.

Curry last played for the United States in the 2014 World Cup and has never played in the Olympics.