The Memphis Grizzlies have a roster logjam that will need resolved, sooner rather than later. The Grizzlies will need to waive or trade another player just to complete the 2-for-1 trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves of Patrick Beverley for Jarrett Culver and Juancho Hernangomez. And even then, Memphis will still need to waive to trade two more players to get into regular season roster compliance.

Because of the tight roster constraints both Rajon Rondo and Sam Merrill aren't expected to remain with the Grizzlies. Either player could be waived (either through straight waivers or via a buyout) or traded away.

Memphis acquired Rondo, along with Beverley and Daniel Oturu from the LA Clippers for Eric Bledsoe. Merrill was acquired in exchange for Grayson Allen in a trade with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Memphis currently stands at the offseason maximum of 20 players. The Grizzlies have 18 players signed to standard contracts and two players signed to Two-Way deals. Of the standard contracts, only one deal is non-guaranteed. That leaves Memphis with two guaranteed contracts over the regular season maximum of 15. And that's before the trade is completed with Minnesota.