Sachin Gupta and Gersson Rosas met on the morning of the latter's dismissal by the Minnesota Timberwolves to clear the air between them. Gupta had just returned from his honeymoon and had been urged to meet with Rosas by ownership of the Wolves.

Gupta and Rosas spoke about their situation and left it with a plan to work together. Gupta had previously been blocked by Rosas from taking a job with the Houston Rockets that would have increased his compensation.

Glen Taylor was on his way up from his house outside Minneapolis to fire Rosas amid growing concerns about his leadership and also an affair he was having with a team employee.

Gupta was summoned to a meeting with Taylor a few years later in which he was put in charge of the front office.

I’ll be honest, it was definitely a whirlwind that first day,” Gupta said with a smile as he sat in his office overlooking the Wolves’ practice court. “But now that we’re in camp and everyone’s ready to go, definitely everyone’s moved past what’s happened and is really focused on our goals for this year. There’s a lot of good energy in the building and a lot of excitement.”

Gupta spoke of the strain in his relationship with Rosas stemming from being blocked from going to the Rockets.

Those types of things happen around the league,” Gupta said. “I was just focused on doing the best that I could for everyone here in this building and for the team. I’m excited about the decisions that we were all able to make together. Really excited about where we’re at now and about moving forward.”

Gupta has spent his first days trying to connect with as many people in the organization as possible.


Gupta has the strong backing of ownership, coaching staff and Karl-Anthony Towns.