Tristan Thompson doesn't mince words when talking about his team and teammates. When speaking about he Sacramento Kings recent struggles, it's been no different.

"This is the NBA. No one’s going to feel sorry for you. C-Webb (Chris Webber) and (Mike) Bibby ain’t coming through that door, so you’ve go to keep pushing each and every day, keep getting better in practice, keep watching the film, learn from the mistakes," said Thompson. “What guys gotta understand is that those little things over the course of 48 minutes, the my-bads after the my-bads after the my-bads, is what’s going to cost you a game in the fourth quarter.”

Even while challenging his teammates, Thompson understands how important it is to the Kings to win.

“I know each and every guy, their heart is in the right place and they want to win. Every guy in there wants to win," Thompson said. "You see it in their eyes. I’ve been on teams — you see quitters, you see losers, straight out losers. But this team has guys that want to win.”

As for himself and Sacramento head coach Luke Walton needing to motivate the team, Thompson was blunt in his response.

“You gotta be ready to play, your number is called, you’re in the damn game, I don’t need no f***ing coach to inspire me,” Thompson said. “Never that. Never have, never will. The day I need a coach to inspire me is the day I’m f***ing retiring.”