The Brooklyn Nets haven't ruled out trading Kyrie Irving. While the Nets aren't making calls about trading Irving, they are taking them from other teams.

Irving has yet to play this season. Because of his unvaccinated status, Irving isn't eligible to play in Nets home games. Brooklyn's leadership decided that they would not let Irving be a part-time player and have chosen to sit him entirely.

Also of concern is James Harden's future in Brooklyn. Harden did not sign an extension prior to the deadline to get one done. He has a player option for the 2022-23 that he is expected to decline in favor of signing a long-term deal.

The Philadelphia 76ers reportedly have Harden on their list of 30 players they'd accept in a Ben Simmons trade. Daryl Morey previously tried to trade for Harden and has an affinity for the star from their Houston Rockets days.