A buyout between John Wall and the Houston Rockets "hasn't been seriously discussed by either side as a possibility."

Wall is due $44 million this season and $47 million next season. For a buyout to make sense for the Rockets, Wall would have to give back even more money than Kemba Walker did with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Walker was able to make the money back by signing with the New York Knicks.

Both a trade and a buyout becomes more palatable this coming offseason when Wall has just one season remaining. 

“It’s hard for him at this point in time, when your salary doesn’t equal what your production is,” a sympathetic front office person from another team said Wednesday. “That’s hard for him. It’s hard for a lot of guys.”

Wall is expected to have interest once he becomes available at a more affordable contract.

“He’s still really good,” a GM with no current need at point guard texted. “Just not at the number he currently makes.”