Minnesota Timberwolves wing Anthony Edwards doesn't hold back when giving his thoughts on both teammates and opponents. Edwards recently took issue with Rudy Gobert being considered the NBA's best rim protector.

"To me the best rim protector in the league is (Kristaps) Porzingis," Edwards said. "Anytime I go against Porzingis, I don't get no layups. I don't get why we couldn't finish on Rudy Gobert. He don't put no fear in my heart. I don't know why."

Edwards also implored teammate Karl-Anthony Towns to play quicker and not to wait for double-teams.

"I told KAT, you catching the ball and you holding it," Edwards said. "You waiting for the double, telling them to come double me instead of catching it and going. They can't guard you."

Edwards also said he told Towns it was "disrespectful" that Utah was guarding the All-Star big man with Bojan Bogdanovic. Towns scored 22 points, but took just 11 shots. Edwards wants Towns to be even more aggressive.

"I tell him every game, every practice. You can shoot the ball, you can handle the ball, you got touch, everything," said Edwards. "They can't guard you, bruh. If he just stop waiting on the double team, we would be a way better team."