Kevin Durant requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets on June 30th and while discussions are ongoing, a resolution does not appear to be imminent.

"Two of the teams that Kevin Durant would like to play with: the Phoenix Suns, the Miami Heat, they have both been in pretty consistent contact, I'm told," said Adrian Wojnarowski. "I think both teams, individually, may not have enough to do a deal with Brooklyn without being able to go out and move some pieces around in three-team, four-team trades. 

"I think for Brooklyn, I think they're even more determined after they see the Rudy Gobert trade, the Dejounte Murray trade, the number of picks and assets moving... Five first round picks, essentially, for Rudy Gobert... What's Kevin Durant worth?

"I think Brooklyn is going to try to exhaust four, five first round picks, four pick swaps in it, but also at least an All-Star level player. You look at who's available, how they get those deals done, they're generally going to be complex deals and will take time putting together, but Brooklyn knows they have time on their side now not just the offseason, but Kevin Durant has four years left on his contract. Brooklyn will talk  throughout the league and get what they know has to be a monumental deal if they're going to trade Kevin Durant."