The Brooklyn Nets are taking their time in letting the trade market for Kevin Durant to materialize and appear to be operating without a timetable to get a deal done as they want other teams to approach them with the type of trade they're looking for. 

"I think the Nets are trying to create an outline for the rest of the league about the kind of package they would want back in a Kevin Durant trade," said Adrian Wojnarowski.

"I think the Rudy Gobert trade to Minnesota started to frame that," added Wojnarowski. 

The Nets are seeking an All-Star level player along with four or five first round picks and pick swaps. The Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat, who are atop Durant's wish list, do not appear to currently have the type of trade package in a one-on-one deal that will satisfy the Nets. 

"The market is still taking shape," said Wojnarowski. "I think it's incumbent on some of the other teams to be creative and start bringing to Brooklyn ideas, going out to see if they can players, picks that would put the kind of package together to get Kevin Durant.

"Brooklyn has time on its side. There's a lot of time left in the offseason. They don't have to rush into a deal."