Kevin Durant remains on the Brooklyn Nets more than a week after his trade request and a deal

"We have a pretty gigantic gulf between what the Nets' value of Kevin Durant is and what the market is willing to pay," said Brian Windhorst. "Again, this requires some nuance and I know that this potentially will be taken out of that context.

"Kevin Durant is obviously a very valuable player. Nobody doubts that this guy is still in his prime years as an MVP level candidate, who can completely swing a team from pretender to contender with his presence. However, the market does not want to pay a super premium price for him because if you trade away all of these top assets on your team to get him, he becomes less valuable to you. And that gulf is why we're in a stalemate right now and could have one for a while."

Durant has the Phoenix Suns "by far No. 1 on his wish list," according to Zach Lowe.