Luka Doncic gave an interview in Spanish about the offseason of the Dallas Mavericks in which they lost their second best player in Jalen Brunson to the New York Knicks for nothing, traded away his best friend on the team in Boban Marajanovic, and didn't sign Goran Dragic.

Doncic gave an anodyne answer as he expects the Mavericks to be active as the offseason continues. 

For his part, Doncic hasn't tried to participate heavily in the Mavericks' roster decisions.

"They seek his input, but he's not heavily involved in personnel decisions," said Tim MacMahon. "He has not shown interest in being heavily involved. He spends much of his offseason in Europe. He's not a guy who has shown the desire to be a recruiter."

MacMahon added that the situation is in its early stages.

"I don't get any sense of panic though from Mavericks' management," said MacMahon.

While the Mavericks lost Brunson, they will get Tim Hardaway Jr. back from injury and they also traded for Christian Wood. 

The Mavericks haven't paid the luxury tax in eight seasons but are projected to pay it for the 22-23 season.