The Brooklyn Nets have added a number of supporting pieces in Royce O'Neale, T.J. Warren while re-signing Nic Claxton, Patty Mills and Kessler Edwards, which could make their supporting cast around Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving should they remain on the team next season.

"Looking at the menu of options, the Nets are kind of like 'Kyrie, Kevin, take a look here,'" said Brian Windhorst.

"What I will say is nobody knows what Kevin Durant is thinking right now. His communication with teammates and others in the league has been sparse. I don't even think the Nets have a 100 percent understanding of why Kevin asked for a trade. He spoke to the owner in Joe Tsai and gave a reason, but I'm not sure the Nets are 100 percent on the understanding of it. 

"I think the next step in this, barring a team's change of heart to meet the Nets' price, which I don't see at this point on the calendar, I think we're going to have to wait to hear from Kevin Durant about how open he is to running it back with the Nets. And here we go as everybody breaks for summer, sitting and waiting for that to happen."

Windhorst was also asked about a theory from Dave McMenamin that Durant could have requested a trade from the Nets in order to get Irving traded.

"I think there's a reaction in the league to try to fill in the gaps they don't understand. There's not a full understanding of Kevin Durant's motives here. There may be a terrifically great reason why Durant made this choice, but it hasn't been articulated anywhere. If there was a market for Kyrie Irving, that would affect the Nets' reasoning more than anything."

Windhorst also detailed that Durant and Irving were in communication during Irving's contract negotiations with the Nets in June.

The Nets are "not aggressively making outgoing calls" on a Durant trade and many people around the league are going on vacation, leading talks to "slow to a trickle."