The WNBA announced that a new process for the selection of the 2022 All-WNBA First and Second Teams will be implemented. Prior to this season, voters were required to select players based on position, resulting in the selection of two guards, one center and two forwards for each team. Voting for this year’s All-WNBA teams will be conducted without regard to a player’s position.

“As we evaluated our approach to end-of-season awards and spoke with our general managers, head coaches and others, it became clear that the most deserving players, regardless of position, should be recognized at season’s end,” said WNBA Head of League Operations Bethany Donaphin. “Our game continues to evolve. As greater emphasis is placed on spacing and pace of play, the players have expanded their multifaceted skill sets. This process change allows us to celebrate the best of the best going forward.”

There has also been discussion for the NBA to make All-NBA positionless, particularly because it determines qualification for the supermax.