Kyrie Irving addressed the media for the first time since a contentious press conference last Saturday where he was asked about his decision to link to an antisemitic film.

"I take my responsibility for posting that," Irving said in his first public comments since a contentious news conference Saturday night. "Some things that were questionable in there, untrue. Like I said in the first time you guys asked me when I was sitting on that stage, I don't believe everything that everybody posts -- it's a documentary. So I take my responsibility."

Irving stopped short of apologizing, which many within the Brooklyn Nets and the NBA league office were hoping.

"I didn't mean to cause any harm," Irving said. "I'm not the one that made the documentary."

When asked specifically if he had any antisemitic beliefs, Irving chose to not directly answer the question.

"Again, I'm going to repeat. I don't know how the label becomes justified because you guys ask me the same questions over and over again," Irving said. "But this is not going to turn into a spin-around cycle -- questions upon questions.

"I told you guys how I felt. I respect all walks of life and embrace all walks of life. That's where I sit. ... I can not be antisemitic if I know where I come from."