A story from Chris Haynes on LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers suggested he wants the front office to make a major trade to upgrade their roster and not waste the current season. James also publicly supported Kyrie Irving, which led many around the NBA and even within the Lakers to interpret that as a signal he has interest in bringing his former teammate to the team.

"You know with that story coming out yesterday, there's pressure coming from somewhere," said Zach Lowe on his podcast. "There's pressure coming from somewhere. 

"And with LeBron's comments about Kyrie... Look, I don't know why LeBron said what he said about Kyrie yesterday. About how it's time to bring him back in the league.

"Maybe he just said it because he believes and there's nothing else to it. I can tell you around the league and even within the Lakers, some corners of it, those comments were read as LeBron opening the door to... At least opening the door to 'Hey, if you all are comfortable with it and all the blowback it would be, and the Nets are willing to just get out of the business now of Kyrie Irving so we can get him for much cheaper, not both picks, maybe one pick...

"I don't even know how to construct a Kyrie Irving trade right now for nine million different... Maybe [Kyrie] never meets those conditions and they waive him?

"It was read around the league as LeBron indicating, 'If you guys want to consider it, I'm not going to stand in your way.'"

Lowe later added that Irving currently has "negative trade value [and] most of the league would not even touch him."