The Denver Nuggets are currently tied atop the Western Conference. But finishing with a good regular season record isn't enough for Denver anymore.

The Nuggets expect to contend for the NBA Finals. To aid them in that goal, Denver is searching for upgrades to help what has been an inconsistent bench. In particular, the Nuggets are looking for wing help. They'd like to get bigger, more athletic and versatile with a defensive-minded player.

One challenge for Denver during trade season is that they don't have any imminently tradable assets. The players who would fetch the most in trade are all filling rotation roles for Michael Malone's squad.

General manager Calvin Booth's best hope of acquiring an impact player is to stack together a few contracts, some belonging to interesting younger players, and to combine them with draft picks to make a deal. A compounding factor in trading draft picks is that the Nuggets still owe first-round picks to the Charlotte Hornets, Orlando Magic and Oklahoma City Thunder.