This week it was reported that Luka Doncic has "strongly indicated" he would like the Dallas Mavericks to upgrade the roster around him. ESPN's Tim MacMahon elaborated on his reporting during Friday's episode of the Hoop Collective podcast. 

"Really, the newsworthy thing here is that Luka is starting to be much more involved in the personnel discussions," said MacMahon. "Where previously it's always been like 'Y'all can let me know, but I don't really want to be involved right now.'

"He's starting to be much more involved. The ideas aren't just being bounced off him is my understanding. He's bouncing some ideas the other way as well."

The Mavericks reached the Western Conference Finals last season while also winning 52 regular season games. The Mavericks were sixth in the NBA in defense. This season, they are 25th in defense and are on pace to be just a little over .500.