Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso has been mentioned in trade rumors for weeks, if not months. But the Bulls have no plans to trade Caruso. In fact, Chicago has set the asking price so high for Caruso that he's considered to be virtually untouchable.

The veteran combo guard's stat-line doesn't pop, but that belies Caruso's impact for the Bulls. He's been Chicago's best backcourt defender, and he helps set a tone for the team.

“High-IQ, knows what’s happening, what’s coming, what he’s going to do, where his man is, is he going over, under?’’ Bulls coach Donovan said about Caruso. “He really reacts pretty spontaneously, and he has such a good feel for it. And then, like we’ve all talked about, he throws his body into everything all the time.’’

Chicago has reportedly told rival teams they would need two first-round picks to part with Caruso. The veteran guard has two years and $19.4 million left on his contract through 2024-25, and the final season is only partially guaranteed.