The Minnesota Timberwolves made a bold move in trading for Rudy Gobert and the follow-up to it if it continues to be a disappointment could be a trade of Karl-Anthony Towns to try to repair the situation. Towns has been out since November with a calf injury and the franchise has tiled even more heavily toward Anthony Edwards in his absence. 

"It has felt like the inevitable end game where at the very least it is something that is talked about between teams," said Zach Lowe on his podcast of potential chatter around the Wolves trading Towns.

"Teams are already talking about it," Jon Krawczynski replied. "There's no doubt that other teams are eyeing this situation and looking to see if KAT will become available.

"I can tell you from everyone that I've talked to within the organization, they very much believe in KAT. They believe that once he comes back and they have some time to build around ANT and Gobert and KAT, they very much believe that can still work. Chris Finch believes it. Tim Connelly believes it. They don't have any plans to trade him.

"But if the bottom falls out of this thing and they go forward that way, there are going to be teams knocking on the door. I do think that overall, especially locally here, there's a lack of appreciation among fans for what Karl-Anthony Towns is as a player."