During last offseason, Monty Williams called Jae Crowder to inform him he was losing his starting spot with the Phoenix Suns to Cam Johnson.

Crowder went on to request a trade from the Suns, which they accommodated him with while not requiring him to play for the team in the meantime.

Crowder was asked by Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports for more context on why the partnership couldn't move forward. Crowder would only confirm his strained relationship with Williams was central.

“Yeah, we had differences,” he told Yahoo Sports. "They asked me to keep it in house, I’ll keep it in house. I’m now gone, same thing I’ve told everybody else: I’ve moved on from the situation. I wish them the best, I’m leaving that behind.”

Crowder was part of the Suns' trade for Kevin Durant, but he was rerouted by the Brooklyn Nets to the Milwaukee Bucks.

“I landed where I wanted to land at the end of the day,” Crowder said. “I think I gained just knowing myself as a player and my mental. I never wavered. Never wavered on the process. From a month, to two months … I stayed with the plan of what it was and what I wanted to accomplish. So I give kudos to my mental and me staying sane throughout the entire process, because I did want the process to end fairly sooner than when it did.”