Before the play-in, there were rumors that Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks could evaluate their future together with the possibility of a trade.

But the Hawks extended their first round series against the Boston Celtics to six games, which could make their offseason less tumultuous. The Hawks hired Quin Snyder at the All-Star break and all sides got to evaluate the situation on the floor rather than conceptually. 

“I mean, Quin (Snyder) is the future,” Young said. “I believe with him here this city is going to win a championship.”

Young was asked to describe Snyder's late-season arrival.

“It’s kind of tough when you get in the position (during) the year and you want to put in your stuff but everybody’s already played 40, 50 games, or however many we’ve played at that point,” Young said. “I think he’s going to be great for us and I’m excited for the future with him.”