On the most recent episode of The Lowe Post, ESPN's Dave McMenamin said the Los Angeles Lakers and Anthony Davis are likely to sign an extension. McMenamin said that extending Davis' deal is far more likely than the Lakers trading Davis.

“Anthony Davis in Rob's (Pelinka) estimation is someone that has represented the Lakers really well, citing how he played through his foot injury last year as a major reason why they won a championship in 2020 and he wants to continue to have Anthony Davis as a Laker,” said McMenamin.

"Where things stand right now, I expect some sort of an agreement to be reached," McMenamin added. "A lot of it is one, recognizing that Anthony Davis as a trade chip, there’s no way to replicate the value of what he brings to the court combined with LeBron James when he’s healthy, you just won’t. It’s absolutely impossible."

McMenamin closed the Davis conversation by saying, "I’m fairly confident that Anthony Davis will come into training camp with an extended deal."