Damian Lillard was a recent guest on the BACKONFIGG show on YouTube. He talked about his life growing up in Oakland, his NBA career, his music career and, yes, his trade request from the Portland Trail Blazers. Lillard said sometimes a player and team reach a point where they no longer want the same things.

“It’s a way that you have to go about things where you can’t be an idiot. You say I’m gonna stay down, I’m gonna ride till the wheels fall off and all that stuff. I don’t have to prove that to nobody, like I’ve shown it. I mean that in my heart. But that’s like me and you saying no matter what happens we ain’t telling on each other. Ya know, I’m saying we never tell on each other. And then the day comes where I’m still playing by those same rules," Lillard said.

Like man, you want the same thing? We’re gonna go out together and then that ain’t the code you want to live by no more. So, when that happens, you can’t be how it was… You don’t want the same thing no more and you show me that you don’t want the same thing. We don’t want the same thing."

The Trail Blazers have media day on Monday, October 2, with training camp starting the next day. Lillard is expected to be in attendance, if he's not traded ahead of the start of the preseason.