Miles Bridges has had three criminal counts against him dropped by the State of North Carolina.

Bridges had counts of a domestic violence protective order violation, misdemeanor child abuse and injury to personal property against him. 

The court filing states that, due to conflicting statements stemming from an October incident that resulted in damage to a vehicle, "given the lack of sufficient evidence to overcome the inconsistency of these accounts, the state would not be successful at trial."

Prosecutors said in the filing that the victim, Bridges' former girlfriend, gave conflicting statements to police and later said she was unsure how the damages were caused.

"The evidence was going to show Miles was innocent and we were going to win a trial," Bridges' attorney, Allen Brotherton, said. "Our local prosecutor has great integrity and people should appreciate the courage to do the right thing."

In November 2022, Bridges pled no contest to a felony domestic charge following an incident in June.

Bridges is a one-year, $8 million deal with the Charlotte Hornets and will be a free agent this offseason.