Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has a $51.4 million player option for next season. At this point, it's unknown what James is thinking on that option. ESPN's Brian Windhorst says James' goal is to sign a multi-year deal with the Lakers.

"I don’t think this is LeBron’s last stand, I don’t think this is the Lakers' last stand," Windhorst said on First Take. "First off, I think LeBron is angling to sign a multi-year deal in the offseason with the Lakers that will be nine figures. That will be even bigger than the deal he is on now. Now, whether or not he’s able to finish that deal, whether or not the Lakers want to give him a three-year contract and pay him $60 million when he’s 42 years old, that’s a different discussion."

The NBA's Over-38 rule makes signing a long-term deal a difficult one for James. Because James is already 39 years old, there are complications that come with signing a deal longer than a season. However, the Lakers and their superstar do seem to be in sync on keeping their partnership together beyond this season.