The San Antonio Spurs' three best players each have PERs over 20.0. This is a common benchmark for teams that win titles.

DeJuan Blair, George Hill, Richard Jefferson, Antonio McDyess and Matt Bonner fill their roles superbly and consistently.

Gary Neal has been an unexpected offensive weapon, who has allowed the Big 3 to have imperfect nights.

And Tiago Splitter has played better recently and may just provide the tipping point for San Antonio's title chances.

That is if the Spurs do not complete a deadline trade.

There is an argument that can be made against messing with the team's chemistry because they have such a remarkably successful regular season, but a veteran group like this with Gregg Popovich at the helm can withstand any form of upheaval.

The Spurs have the fourth overall offense in the game, scoring efficiently in every area except the post. Tim Duncan is still excellent in so many ways, but he is a little more human in the post than we are accustomed to seeing. Blair and Splitter have been fairly average and their post game merely serves as an off-set for everything else.

Defensively, the Spurs rank seventh in points allowed per 100 possessions. For most teams, this would be cause for serious self-congratulations, but San Antonio has consistently been a top-three team in this area since Duncan's arrival and it is a little jarring to see them slumming it even this close to the wrong side of the train tracks.

The Spurs play very mediocre defense against ISO scorers and also struggle to defend three-point shooters. A defensive specialist with the kind of size to guard LeBron James and Paul Pierce over a seven game series would be incredibly beneficial and yes, the Spurs shouldn't feel presumptuous to look that far ahead. The Spurs already have four rings, so a losing trip to The Finals doesn't provide the kind of moral victory it would for a team like Oklahoma City.

San Antonio also could use another legitimate big. They have a strong group here already, but they lack the size to really be physical against big teams like the Lakers. If that big could also serve as a stretch shooter, all the better.

Desperation Meter: The Spurs don't have any disposable players on contracts significant enough to make a game-changing trade, so they are far more likely to import a player from the waiver wire who is bought out of a large contract.

Troy Murphy is the very obvious buyout candidate who would fit perfectly with San Antonio for the postseason.

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