The following matchups are the Non-National Games of the Week, meaning they are must-see viewing on your League Pass.


Spurs @ Blazers- This one would clearly be more fun if the Blazers were at full strength, yet should still be good since it’s at the Rose Garden. As Portland continues to find themselves with all of their troubles, this game provides a compelling test.


Pacers @ Cavs- The Cavs have won one game since Thanksgiving weekend. Don’t you want to say you were watching when they broke the losing streak? Of course it might not come here, as the Pacers have talent and energy to spare.

Mavs @ Knicks [Game of the Week]- A game that does not require a ton of selling considering the successes each team has had thus far. Dirk and Amare are the headliners, but keep an eye on the PG matchup since both Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd are so important to their teams' chances.

Blazers @ Nuggets- Though it may not feel like it all the time, these two teams would be in the playoffs if the season ended today. Should Nicolas Batum play in this one, he’ll have a strong test in Carmelo Anthony, while Chauncey Billups and Andre Miller go at it at the PG spot.


Clippers @ Hawks- The Clippers took a tough home loss against the Hawks about a month ago and both teams look to make their imprint here. It should be interesting to see who the Hawks put on Blake Griffin this time out- my guess is that we see more of Al Horford.

Thunder @ Suns- Even with their sub-.500 record, the Suns are a dangerous team when they have their act together. OKC needs to have their offensive firepower and Steve Nash provides an interesting defense challenge for soon-to-be All-Star Russell Westbrook.


Lakers @ Hornets- Only 2.5 games apart in the standings as of this writing, this is a game the Lakers can make a statement in. Trevor Ariza should have some defensive battles in this one as long as the coaching staff decides to put him on Kobe Bryant for at least a portion of the game. Emeka Okafor and Chris Paul need to have strong games for the Hornets to get a signature win.

Thunder @ Jazz- If Deron Williams plays, we have a game worth watching. Two All-Star PG’s, an interesting post match-up, and Durant vs. AK47 each provides a reason to put this on if you’re home.


Clippers @ Heat- During the pre-show to the pre-show to the Super Bowl, these two teams will go at it in a rematch of one the more entertaining games of the year thus far. In order for the Clipp Show to take one against Miami, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have to bring the thunder.

Pacers @ Nets- One of those games that could be worth keeping an eye on. Both Brook Lopez and Roy Hibbert are looking to rebound from rougher than expected years while the rest of their rosters are looking to establish themselves amidst a sea of uncertainty and transition.