Blazers @ Magic- An intriguing game featuring two playoff teams still looking to establish themselves. It should be fun to see how the Blazers defend both Dwight Howard and Orlando's swingman armada.

Hornets @ Bulls- After the emotional high of Sunday’s win in Miami, a back-to-back against a talented team provides a good test of their mettle. Unfortunately, it looks like we might not see Chris Paul in this one since he was taken out on a stretcher after a head injury this weekend, though his brother tweeted that he was OK.

Thunder @ Grizzlies- These squads took the forefront on Sunday night as each team won a close game at nearly the same time. The next day, they go at it as Tony Allen and the re-acquired Shane Battier try to tame Kevin Durant.

Mavericks @ Timberwolves- This is on here for one reason and one reason only. Hopefully you know what it is.


Lakers @ Hawks- One of those games that is worth checking out if you have the time. Joe Johnson and Kobe Bryant may be the biggest names, but I’ll be watching the big men since the Hawks have a frontline that challenges the Lakers in a few interesting ways. Look for Al Horford to play a big role if Atlanta keeps this one close.


Pacers @ Timberwolves [Game of the Week]- If he gets a double-double on Monday, this game would be the record breaker for Kevin Love. Plus, this should be a fun one between two teams that play at a fast pace and have interesting young talent.


Nuggets @ Suns- One of those matchups that should tell us a good deal about both teams pits the Melo-less Nuggets against the Suns. Marcin Gortat and Nene provide a fun matchup, as does the firm of Felton and Lawson trying to guard Steve Nash.


Clippers @ Nets- Two of the more enigmatic young team square off here. While Brook Lopez and Blake Griffin are not likely to see much time guarding each other, how they play will have a big part in determining the winner here.


Blazers @ Hawks- Despite holding significantly different seeds in their respective conferences, Portland and Atlanta are only two games apart in the win column as of this writing. The previously discussed Hawks front line will have to do a good job handling the remarkable LaMarcus Aldridge while the backcourt provides scoring here.


Pacers @ Knicks- #2 and #4 in pace factor go at it in a Sunday afternoon duel. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.