With the Western Conference having so many quality teams in recent seasons, there had been a push in some circles to eliminate conferences altogether for the sake of taking the 16 teams with the best records to the playoffs.

The Eastern Conference, however, has had a bit of a renaissance this season. Seven of the top-10 teams in efficiency differential are in the Eastern Conference.

If the NBA had eliminated conferences for the playoffs, there would be 10 teams from the East and just six from the West.

1. Warriors vs. 16. Magic
2. Spurs vs. 15. Celtics
3. Heat vs. 14. Clippers
4. Cavs vs. 13. Mavericks
5. Bulls vs. 12. Pistons
6. Pacers vs. 11. Grizzlies
7. Thunder vs. 10. Raptors
8. Hawks vs. 9. Hornets