James Gandolfini, star of the cable television series "The Sopranos," appeared in a short film shown to LeBron James at the start of the Knicks' presentation to the free-agent superstar this past Thursday.

Perhaps for the last time, Gandolfini and Edie Falco reprised their roles as Mr. and Mrs. Tony Soprano.

The plot was written so that Tony Soprano hadn't been killed off in the final episode after all.  He was wearing a beard and living with his wife in the witness protection program.  Tony told Carmela he had an important friend coming to town who needed a place to stay.  The friend's name was LeBron James.

Carmela found the perfect location for a man of James' stature in midtown Manhattan, at a location known as Madison Square Garden.

The look on James' face indicated that he was immersed in the show.  The Knicks knew that James was a fan of the hit HBO series.