For more than an hour following the Lakers' loss 94-88 loss to the Heat on Thursday, Kobe Bryant was shooting jumpers on the American Airlines Arena floor.

Bryant was 6-for-18 on his jumpers in the game, with his last make coming on a deep three-pointer with 2:26 remaining in the game. Bryant went onto lose the ball to Dwyane Wade off a dribble drive and had another three-pointer blocked by Wade on the Lakers' next possession.

A few possessions later with the Lakers down four, Bryant missed a jumper from nearly 30-feet away, which essentially ended the game.

"In more than a decade covering Kobe, I haven't seen him do this before," said Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register.

Bryant worked up a sweat with multiple ball boys feeding him passes, attempting jumpers all over the floor and coming off curls.

"This is my job," said Bryant when asked why he shot for so long after the loss.

After finishing his shooting workout, Bryant headed to the weight room.

Ding asked Bryant when was the last time he did something like this and he guessed the 2004 Playoffs.