In his post-game media session after the Heat eliminated the Celtics, LeBron James apologized to Cavs fans and the hometown city he left behind last summer.

James indicated that the primary reason he chose to sign with the Heat was to play alongside two other All-Star players, which James felt was necessary in order to finally be able to overcome the Celtics in the playoffs.

"I apologize for the way it happened," James said, referring to The Decision.  "But I knew that this opportunity was once in a lifetime ...  In order for me to continue to continue to move on in my career ...  That team that we just defeated (referring to Boston) -- had to go through them at some point."

James indicated that he did not feel he had the supporting talent in Cleveland to be able to get by the Celtics.

Dwyane Wade, who as usual was seated besides James during the post-game press conference, showed some surprise at James' comments.  When James said the word "apologize," Wade's posture changed noticeably and he looked intently at James as he completed his thought.