Chauncey Billups offered his assessment of the Knicks after being waived under the NBA’s new amnesty clause.

“I think they are probably a couple of pieces short, but I won’t say what they are,” Billups said.

“I want nothing but the best for Melo and Amare, and I love Tyson; I’m happy he got his money,” Billups said. “Don’t think I don’t want the Knicks to do well….But I do believe they undervalued what I brought to the table.”

Billups expressed skepticism when asked about Mike D’Antoni’s plan to run the Knicks offense through Carmelo Anthony.

“It’s a tough transition, especially in Mike’s system where the point guard is so important as someone to make plays for everybody else,” Billups said. “Melo is a good playmaker, but he’s going to be called on to do that more. Toney (Douglas) is a good player, but he’s young. I don’t want to say they don’t have a point guard, but their best playmaker right now is Melo.”

Asked about the possibility of signing with a team like Miami that might face the Knicks in the playoffs, Billups said: “I would like a chance at them, I’ll tell you that much. I would absolutely love that.”