Avery Bradley scored 11 points in an 89-70 Celtics’ victory, their fourth straight.

“He came in like a bloodhound. He had his nose over the ball, and he brought a different dimension to the game tonight," Kevin Garnett said. "I thought with Keyon starting and him coming in, just the way he picked up the ball fullcourt, he was on their guards from the jump -- from the minute he came in the game to the minute the horn went off. I thought he was a big, big, big, big component of the game, and he definitely was a factor. Definitely was a factor. So, it was good to see Avery have a game like that.”

In the fourth quarter Bradley scored six more points, handed out two assists and didn’t turn it over once in 12 minutes.

“I think with him it’s all about his confidence,” Paul Pierce said. “I think the more he plays well, and the more he plays well, he believes in himself. He works so hard. You’ve got to understand who he is for us. He’s a guy who can really defend the ball probably as good as anybody in the NBA -- the way he picks up and slides his feet, uses his athleticism. If he can do that and then knock down open shots when he gets them, he can be a helluva player in this league.”