Roy Williams sounded doubtful about Kendall Marshall’s status for the Tar Heels in Friday’s NCAA Midwest Region semifinal against Ohio.

“If he comes into my room tomorrow and says ‘My wrist feels great’ drops down to the floor and does 10 right-handed pushups, then I’ll say I’ll probably play his rear end,” Williams said Thursday. “But I don’t expect that to happen. I mean, the guy can’t brush his teeth right now.”

Marshall hasn’t practiced since Sunday, when he broke the scaphoid bone in his non-shooting wrist during North Carolina’s win over Creighton.

“The bottom line is he has not participated in one play since last Sunday when I took him out of the (Creighton) game,” Williams said. “He has not guarded one possession, he’s not passed one ball, he’s not shot one ball. And yet, there are people that say he can play.

“But there’s only five people that are going to make this decision – first, Kendall, second and third his mom and dad, fourth would be the doctors and the fifth would be me. It’s going to have to be unanimous, and I just don’t see that happening.”