Kevin Garnett led the Celtics with 24 points on 10-of-16 shooting in their Game 3 win over Miami.

“KG’s a difficult cover,” LeBron James said after Saturday’s practice. “First of all, he’s a more prolific scorer than (Tyson) Chandler and (Roy) Hibbert. And when he gets to shoot, he shoots higher than anyone in this league. So we have to do a better job of trying to help each other out and not expose ourselves as much with our coverages.”

James expects to spend more time defending Garnett in Game 4.

“We’re going to have to go to (a smaller lineup),” James said. “It’s just how our lineups are being played right now. Especially with (Bosh) being out, I’m going to be guarding him, either lined up against him to start the possession or a switch. So I’m confident in it. Just try to make it a little more tougher on him and not give him so many relief layups with us being aggressive on Ray (Allen).”