Kawhi Leonard’s offensive growth has been a priority for the Spurs at the NBA summer league.

“We want him to rebound it and push it up the floor himself,” Gregg Popovich said. “We want to get it thrown ahead to him and have him go attack the rim. We want to put him in pick-and-rolls and let him make decisions, so he expands his game.
“He’s going to be a good one. We don’t want him to just be a spot-up shooter in the corner.”

Leonard has averaged 25 points in two games for the undefeated Spurs.

“It’s a big difference,” Leonard said. “I was standing up, spotting up (during the season). I’m learning to shoot off the dribble, coming off ball screens. I’m trying to get my ball handling better. Also, I’ve got to learn how to pass. I’ve been working on all that.

“I don’t want to be a stand-in-the-corner guy my whole career. I’d like to take control of the game, and be a focal point to help my team win.”