Kyrie Irving feels comfortable as he heads into his second season with the Cavaliers.

“I feel like a Clevelander,” Irving said. “Every time, when people ask me, I automatically say my home is Cleveland.
“I have a house in New Jersey. Where I’m from is New Jersey. But where I live is Cleveland. I’m a Clevelander now.”

Irving is looking forward to playing with Dion Waiters, who was selected fourth overall in the June draft.

“(Dion) has a chip on his shoulder and he feels like nobody can stop him,” Irving said. “That’s a good attitude to have and we’re going to need that next year – especially coming into the season.

“Once he realizes that we’re the Cleveland Cavaliers and we’re going to have to earn everything that we get. We’re not on TV every night. We’re not nationally televised. There’s not national attention on what we’re doing here. We have to earn everything.”