Martell Webster sees more of Dwyane Wade's game in Bradley Beal than he even does Ray Allen, whom the Washington Wizards' rookie most often uses as a comparison.

“He says he wants to compare himself to Ray Allen, but he has a little more flash than Ray Allen. I’d say he has a little of The Flash — [Dwyane] Wade — in him,” Webster said. “He can slash, put it on the floor, and make contact. That’s big. When you can establish yourself at the free throw line seven, eight times a game, that’s a big difference. He’s got it. He’s still a rookie. He’s learning the basics. If he keeps watching the players that he admires, take little bits and add them to himself, he’ll be a star in this league.”

Beal is averaging a team-best 16.5 points through the first two games as a reserve.