Doc Rivers has heavily experimented with the Boston Celtics' lineup during the preseason, starting Brandon Bass at power forward in Saturday's overtime loss to the Knicks

“I just want to see them play,” said Rivers. “I’m not looking for one thing or another. I want to try different lineups, and eventually one we’ll like a lot. We’ve liked both that we’ve tried, but I just want to give different guys different spots.”

Jared Sullinger has also started at power forward, pairing him with the taller Kevin Garnett.

“It’s not much of a challenge,” Rivers said of deciding on a rotation. “I’m going to get the core guys ready at the end of the day.

“I think THE most important thing is to get Kevin (Garnett), Paul (Pierce) and J.T. (Terry) and Courtney and (Rajon) Rondo and Brandon and Sullinger (and Jeff Green) — all those guys have to be ready. Everybody else, we’re going to try to give them a fair shake. We’re going to look at them in practices. We’re going to watch them in some guys. But at the end of the day, we’re trying to get ready for a season.”