Anthony Davis has had a productive rookie season when he hasn't been injured, currently sitting with a PER of 26.36.

“We can be very good,” Davis said of the Hornets. “We just have to defend and play hard. That’s what New Orleans basketball is and that’s what teams are used to seeing from us. We’re going to go out there and play hard. We kind of fell off from that for a couple of games, but we’re going to get right back to it. We started getting back after it in practice and we just have to have that dog in us and defend for the whole 48 minutes of the game instead of in spurts.”

Davis has been happy playing with the Hornets so far.

“It has embraced me well – the city of New Orleans really loves me and I love the city of New Orleans,” Davis said. “Hopefully we can have this relationship for a long time. Hopefully we can turn some things around, and maybe win a championship later on down the line.”