Evan Turner has earned the trust and confidence of Doug Collins after frequently coming under pressure by him over his first two NBA seasons.

Turner attempted a total of 42 shots in the Philadelphia 76ers' games on Friday and Saturday.

"The thing I'm really proud about is Evan took the shot after missing four or five in a row," Collins said. "That's big-time. Evan is an amazing kid. He's always been a guy that needs to feel that everything fits. I really feel good about the way he's letting me coach him. I feel a real connection with Evan and it feels great. I don't know that Evan has trusted a lot of people in his life, but I hope he trusts me."

Turner admits his relationship with Collins has improved.

"It's definitely improved," Turner said. "It's just self-improvement on both ends. Obviously I was a little stubborn. Doug, every now and then, is stubborn a little bit. We've both been working on it. He's been working on his poise and just being more calm. I've been working on being more poised and it's definitely been helping."