Stephen Jackson's recent $25,000 fine came after the San Antonio Spurs were hit with a $250,000 fine for benching star players in a national television game. For the Spurs, this douse of off-the-court drama was new.

Now, the team has moved on.

“It’s drama to other people, but things happen and we move on,” Popovich said after his team’s morning shootaround for Wednesday night's game against the Rockets at Toyota Center. “We don’t even discuss it. Nobody even talks about it.

“We don’t worry about any of it. I don’t bring it up. Players don’t bring it up. It’s like when you’re in a game. You make a mistake and you move on. You miss a shot and you move on. Something off the court happens and you move on."

"‘Jack’ understands he made a mistake with that and we move on,” Duncan added. “It is what is. He’s been disciplined and it’s behind us now.”