Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob spoke about Andrew Bogut's microfracture surgery, which was kept secret for several months before the center finally told the San Francisco Chronicle that "we don't want to fool anybody, anymore."

"This is a difficult subject for us, obviously," said Lacob. "I don’t want to appear defensive, obviously, about my organization or anything else.

"But whatever procedure he did have, and he apparently did have a small amount of microfracture, that was all factored into the opening day assignment day of when he would be ready."

Bogut played four out of the first five games of the season and has been out indefinitely ever since. Bogut said in November that the Warriors had asked him not to speak about the microfracture surgery.

"I think it’s an irrelevant thing to talk about," continued Lacob on Tuesday. "We could’ve obviously handled it better. I will tell you—you’re a smart guy and some of the journalists are not as smart as you, is all I’ll say.

"You know how this works in the NBA, as to what’s released about a medical procedure. While everybody tries to be honest, certainly, and open, there are many factors, including what agents and players want in those releases, not just the team.

"We’re kind of… it’s not always entirely our choice. And it’s irrelevant. It doesn’t even matter. I think people are focusing on something that really is not important.

"What’s important is he was supposed to be ready for opening day, that was the timeline set, whatever the procedure was, and he was, and he regressed."