Before Wednesday's game, Evan Turner had logged 40 or more minutes in seven of his last nine contests. He admits the heavy playing time has been tiring to adjust to at times, but he's making strides in the right direction.

“I’m a little tired but it’s all good,” Turner said on Wednesday. “I just have to get used to it, but I’ll be fine. Guarding the little guards gets a little tiring. [Tuesday] in the second half, my legs were dead, but I just have to get my body used to it. I’m not mentally tired. In college, I went 40 a night, but you go every 3 days. This is something new, but I think I can handle it. I’ve got my body right. It’s mostly about mental toughness, and I’m fine there.

“It gets draining, but it’s a good problem to have. I’d be worried if I couldn’t do it, but I know that I can do it. It’s just making sure your body is ready for things. I think all this now is going to help me further along when January hits and all, and then for the rest of the season.”

Turner also came into the season around 230 pounds but has lost weight as the season's gone on and is now at 220.

"I want to be around 215, 220," Turner said. "You come in heavier before the season knowing you’re going to lose weight. I came in with a lot of heavy muscle weight from all the lifting I did over the summer.

“During the season, I’ll lift lighter weights with some reps, but it depends on the week. I keep up with my core during the season. I probably lift more than I should during the offseason, but it really helps me.”