Jason Terry is one of many NBA players with roots in the city of Seattle. Terry was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and while he never played for the now-defunct Seattle Supersonics, Terry was a prep star at Franklin High School and is among the city’s basketball legends.

News broke on Wednesday afternoon that the Maloof brothers are closing in on an agreement to sell the Sacramento Kings to a Seattle-based ownership group headlined by Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer. The Kings are expected to move to Seattle as early as next season with a new arena, which was previously approved, on target for the 15-16 season.

“It’s a great day. It’s a great day for basketball,” Terry said. “Obviously being from Seattle, my heart is in Seattle. I’ve always dreamt that one day they’d get a team back there, so it’s a real good day for everyone from Seattle and in the NBA. That’s a great city, a great sports town.”

Terry has been following all the developments in recent months and years as the possibility of the NBA moving back to Seattle became a more legitimate possibility.

“Destroyed,” he said of Seattle fans when the Sonics moved to Oklahoma City and became the Thunder back in 2008. “There was all kind of ‘Save the Sonics’ shirts, signs and blogs. This is definitely a good day.”

Terry has no sympathy for fans in Sacramento that will now be without an NBA franchise.

“Not really. I won’t miss the trips to Sacramento. Nothing against Sacramento, but Seattle is definitely a nicer city in that respect,” he said.