Mike Woodson is concerned about the number of minutes Jason Kidd is accumulating.

Kidd has exceeded the 30-minute plateau in eight of his last 10 games.

"We're playing Kidd minutes, man, because we are a little short-handed," Woodson said. "He'll never complain, I know that, because he's a pro and he's been doing this a long time. But from a coaching standpoint, I know it's not healthy and not good for him to play him all those minutes, but I don't have a choice at this point right now."

With Raymond Felton injured, Kidd has been forced to log heavy minutes at point guard.

"Without a doubt, he's more suited for two guard," a veteran Western Conference said. "The team plays better, he's more efficient and able to get his open 3-point looks. He's just not able to drive and play the way he did at point a few years ago. [Dallas] had a lot of success with him at the two."