The Philadelphia 76ers continue to see Andrew Bynum as the foundation piece of their franchise and hope to re-sign him in the offseason.

“We have Plan A and I think everyone knows what A stands for. And we have Plan B and we don’t know,” general manager Tony DiLeo said on Friday.

“If and when we get our complete team on the floor, then we can get some answers. We want to evaluate all of our players and in the summer make some decisions. We have some flexibility, we have a lot of free agents, we have a lot of good, young players and an All-Star point guard that we can build around. We have a lot of options and a lot of different ways we can go this summer.”

Bynum has missed the entire season and hasn't even practiced yet.

“When we talk about Plan A or Andrew, we all know what he can do on the court. He’s proven what he can do on the court,” DiLeo said. “It’s more of a medical issue to see if he can hold up."