The Dallas Mavericks released Dominique Jones on Saturday after reaching a point of complete frustration with his inconsistent play and off-floor issues.

Dirk Nowitzki hopes Jones manages to remain in the NBA.

“I like Dominique, he was my man,” Nowitzki said. “I think he’s got an NBA body, he’s got the NBA strength.

“Hopefully he’ll be able to find a job next year and he’ll be able to play.”

Jones refused a D-League assignment, according to a source.

“This gives Dominique the opportunity to get the playing time he believes he deserves with another team,” said another source.

“He never really got a real shot at it,”' Nowitzki said. “I like his athleticism, I like what he brought, it just wasn’t a good situation to be in.

“I obviously wish him luck for the future. I was always cool with D-Jones and I wish him luck.”